Lyrical Hip Hop Dance Classes Pune
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Lyrical Hip Hop

Lyrical Hip Hop Dance Classes Pune

Lyrical Hip Hop:

Lyrical Hip Hop is a very recent and new form of advancement in the hip hop genre. This style of dance is more of a conglomeration of the hip hop style of dancing.Lyrical Hip Hop Dance Classes Pune

This is basically a lyrical dance where the dancers have to tell a story of the song by showing gestures, facial expressions and other movements with the rhythm of music beats. It’s more about creating an emotional connection with the song through your dance and flowing along the beat of the song making dancer feel more energetic and enthusiastic.


To have a better understanding of lyrical hip hop it’s better to go back to lyrical dance. Lyrical dance is basically a conglomeration of several other forms of dances like tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary without having significant connection with any one of them. On the other side, Hip Hop is more of moving along with the beats of the song and is in a great trend now a day.


Lyrical Hip Hop Dance Classes PuneBoth the forms of dancing are very much interrelated to each other due to their dancing styles and how they are executed. The only difference by which you can set this two dance forms apart is that in the Hip Hop style of dancing there is no compulsion need to be followed by the dancer to go with the lyrics of the song whereas in Lyrical Hip Hop the dancer have to choreograph the steps as per the lyrics of the song demands. This dance form requires a lot of creativity to convey its message to the audience.


There are some of the best dance trainers and choreographers available in Pune who have been performing such amazing lyrical Hip Hop in several studios, making stage performances and conducts classes to train several other dance aspirants in Pune.

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