Locking and Popping Dance Classes Pune
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Locking and Popping

Locking and Popping Dance Classes Pune

Beat the music with Locking and Popping

Locking and Popping Dance Classes Pune The locking and popping type of dance started in United Sates on the streets of New York and Los Angeles. It was invented by Boogaloo Sam and Don Campbell. The dance style locking and popping started around 60’s and has become popular since then. People used to show their talent by dancing on the streets of New York for money. The idea for this type of dancing style is actually derived by the cartoons which used to come in television with robots in them. People used to copy the body movements which robots used to make and tried to imitate them with their own movements to create a dance out of it. Once they were expert in it they started performing everywhere in United States and people were really impressed by their dance. Once locking and popping dance style got famous, more and more people got interested to learn this dance style. Hence this way the dance became famous worldwide. Popping is actually performed to the beat of the music to which the dancers move their body to make various shapes, angles and poses. As in popping the muscles contract quickly to the beat of music creating a popping effect of the body hence this style of dance is called us popping. On the other hand, locking dance style involves the dancer to freeze in the middle of the fast movement which they hold it for a short period and then resume the dance in the normal speed. Locking requires movements by arm and large moves involving the lower body.


Locking and Popping Dance Classes PuneThe dance style locking and popping has spread in the entire world. Everyone is so interested in this dance style that they want to learn and master in it. There are various dance institutes around Pune where popping and locking is been taught.

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