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Group Batches

Main-700x420-compressedThe Pramod swami dance Academy is committed in providing the best form of dance lessons to its students. Having acquired extensive knowledge in the various forms of dance starting from aerobics, B-Boying, Belly Dancing, Salsa, Rumba, Hip Hop, semi classical and many other contemporary dance forms , he intend to promote this art of dancing among all the fellow aspirants.

We aim towards proving the best dancing lessons in pune to the students in various forms of dancing in not only learning the dance forms but at the same time we intend to educate, inspire our learners in reaching their goals.We have an extremely skilled team of the best dance trainers in Pune who will help in giving detailed lessons about the various dance forms which can provide you with a unique experience of not only just learning it but also enjoying the overall experience. With all its intrinsic features it has emerged one of the well known dance academy in Pune.

At Pramod Dance academy our specialized skilled team of dance trainers provides lessons in groups for any event or functions .We have several dance courses on different variety of dances. We offer crash courses on for specific period of time for several age groups. For children from 4-12years, for teenagers from 16-29yrs and there a specific couple corners for couple dances at various parties, sangeet and get-togethers. We also provide specialized trainings privately for any social get together or any wedding receptions as well.Our Dance Academy offers open space for rehearsals full of mirrors on one side of the wall.

We have unique performance spaces for conducting dance and theatres performances giving you an amazing experience for dancing.

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