Dance Academy Pune
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Classical Dance Training

Classical Dance Training Pune

aerobic-2Aerobics: Aerobics is considered as one of the best program for weight loss now days. It includes pumping of blood in the whole body at a very fast rate so that the goal of fitness can be achieved if it is done regularly and continuously at least for 10 minutes at a time. Along with this, a rhythm of music is most important as it creates an enthusiasm which makes people feel energetic and excited.


B-Boying: It is a kind of street dance which is famous all over the world due to its style of dancing i.e. hip-hop. Also known as breaking dance, this form of dancing can only be done with a lot of practice and dedication. It also elevates the level of hip hop with its kind of moves and dance steps.


Belly Dancing: It is a dance form which is expressed by isolated movements of the abdomen and also includes the strengthening of hip. Also known as Middle Eastern dance, this form reveals the cultural history and is considered to have a prestigious title than belly dancing. In various talent shows round the world, belly dance is performed and it uses the diverse music of three areas i.e. Middle East, Mediterranean and Northeastern Africa as it originated from them.


Dandiya: Dandiya is the traditional folk dance form of Gujarat. It includes movements with the rhythmic beats with the flow of color and light. It is featured dance form of Navratri and is known as “Dandiya Raas” performed in the night. Both men and women are dressed in their traditional attire holding colored sticks which are made up of bamboo and perform in the circles together.


Garba: It is a traditional dance of Gujarat in India and is performed on the night of Navratri. Navratri is a combination of nine consecutive days in which Goddess Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati are worshiped. At the end of these nights, Garba is performed by people dressed traditionally in circles with a lamp or picture of the Goddess kept in between.


Bhangra: Bhangra is a folk dance of Punjab and is originated from Punjab in south East Asia. Bhangra is not only associated to dance but is also linked with the instrumental and vocal music. It is mostly performed on the festivals in Punjab by Sikhs and the men also use various props for dancing which looks really thrilling and exciting.


Tutting: This kind of dance form is based on the movement of hands and limbs to the flexed hands and bent arms. It originated from the days of ancient Egyptians and is performed with the rhythm of music producing geometric shapes mostly at right angles.


Slow motion dance: In this dance form, the dancer produces various steps of their own with the slow motion movements of hands and legs. It looks like an effect is produced in film making and the time is slowed down while the dancers perform with slow motion.


Semi Classical Dance: Semi classical dance form is less complex form than that of the pure classical dance form. It represents the cultural history of the country and also gives a contemporary feel to the audience. The dance form is a kind of fun and fluid to the dancer.


Robotics: Robotics as the name suggests an individual has to dance like Robot. This dance style is very popular among youngsters these days. Dancers make lot of variations while performing on this particular dance form since it requires a lot of body movements and then abruptly stop. This dance form requires extremely flexible body.


Free Style: Freestyle dance form was originated when disco dance came into being in early 90’s. This dance is very popular among boys and girls these days as this form does not require any specific structural movements. This dance form can be performed in a different and specific way each time depending upon the skill of an individual.


Zumba: Zumba is one of the best ways to lose weight and remain fit and healthy. Zumba is one of the types of aerobic dance that allows an individual to move their body in different slow and fast beats. It increases the metabolic rate and increases the heart rate thereby leading to weight loss.


Jazz: Jazz has recently gain popularity due to its unique styles and posture. Jazz is all about dressed with unique clothes and great movements of legs and hands. Lot of practice is needed to perform this dance form as it requires balance and proper motion in your body.


Folk Dances: Folk dances are dances that are performed according to the culture and religion of the people residing in different area of the country to express joy on every occasion. Like in India, due to its huge diversity in culture folk dances are different for each area such as Bhangra & Gidda in Punjab, Dandiya in Gujrat, Lavani in Maharashtra etc.



Tap Dance: Tap dance is a unique dance form in which the dancer creates beats with shoes and hands by striking on the surface of the floor with a huge force. This type of dance form requires very high levels of energy and great stamina. This dance form is very popular among boys and girls these days.



Jive: Jive is one of the International Latin dance form that is performed on a large scale in competitions these days. It is one of the ballroom dancing. Its unique movements and grace makes this dance form bit different from others. This dance form is a very happy and energetic dance with lot of body and hip movements.



Tollywood: Tollywood is a similar dance form as Bollywood. Tollywood is mostly performed in South India. This dance form does not comprise of proper structural movements. Dancers can perform their own specific moves according to their personality.



Krumping: Krumping also known as clown dancing usually performed in the streets and various competitions. It was originated in south central Los Angeles, California. This dance form involves combine movement of popping and freestyle to create a unique dance ambiance.


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