Contemporary Dance Classes Pune
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Contemporary Dance Classes Pune

Contemporary Dance:

Contemporary Dance Classes PuneIn India people get confused in defining the contemporary dance form. This dance form is considered to be more inclusive and malleable rather than being static.

This particular dance form is characterised by its versatility and it can be performed on any style of music and at the same time it can be united to create new style of dancing with new movements. This dance form completely depends upon the rhythm, postures and speed with the song.

This dance form requires a lot of creativity as it is unpredictable to determine when the rhythm of the song would change and accordingly the body has to move at par with the rhythm of the music. It’s more of a spontaneous form of movement where it seeks natural alignment of the body and therefore it considered to be a safe dance form and therefore it is accessible for the beginners.

Contemporary Dance Classes PuneThere are several well trained choreographers in Pune who are well versed in teaching the techniques of contemporary dance and who works on inventing the various art of arranging movement of the body and at the same time chooses several dramatic postures and movements to convey its message to its audiences. Likewise other forms of dancing, this particular dance form has its own unique style and art of showcasing. This art of choreography is itself concerned with the movement and structures of the body aside its relationship with costumes, lighting and other scenic complements.

The art of contemporary dancing is still considered among one of the most sought after dances in recent times. It is more of a radical break from classicism. In countries where ballet has traditionally originated and relatively flourished, choreographers are now trying to reconceptualise this dance form by radically breaking free from the tradition. There are some of the best dance trainers and choreographers available in Pune who have performed several contemporary dances in studios, and made several live performances and dance lessons in teaching this modern form of dancing to new aspirants in the field.

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