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About Pramod

Pramod swami is a Event Manger and Professional Choreographer. He is a hard worker and crazy about stage. He hails from Sangola, Sholapur,Maharashtra. Besides his achievements he runs his own dance institute in Pune which is known as Danz Katta.


Danz Katta was founded 2006 by Pramod Swami with a goal of providing quality dance education by the trained and experienced staff in Pune. You can witness Indian as well as contemporary dance forms in Danz Katta. To name a few dance forms which is been taught in his institute are Belly dancing, b-boying, Contemporary, bollywood, dandiya, garba, slow motion dance, jazz, salsa,hip-hop to name a few. The dance is being taught by the highly trained and experienced trainers of Danz Katta. Pramod Swami has ensured to employ only those staffs in his institute who are well trained by him. This is the main reason that the institute has hailed has a prominent and famous dance institute in Pune.


Standing one among the reputed dance class in Pune, Danzkatta provides a platform to learn various dance forms and encourages dancers to showcase their talent in various dance competition and dance shows as well. The institute not only trains the students in dance but also give them the opportunity to showcase their talent by organizing events time to time.

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Below are the various services provided by Danz Katta.

  • Learning a dance in a group is one of the interesting ways of learning a dance. Along with dance you get the opportunity to interact with people coming from various backgrounds and cultures. People from various field like software, IT, Business, Entertainment, homemakers come to learn the dance. This is the reason many people like to learn dance in a group batch. All the dance forms are taught in the group batches.
  • Not everyone is comfortable learning dance in a group and they would prefer to get trained one on one with the dance trainer. For such people Danz Katta provides private lessons with an individual attention given to them. The private lessons are structured in such a way that it caters to the goal and needs of the individual. You get to save time and you are taught the dance at your own speed and can learn without getting de motivated. Private lessons give you much more satisfaction and confidence in learning the dance than any other type. The private lessons in Danz Katta gives you the opportunity to learn dance at your own convenient scheduled time.
  • Danz Katta provides wedding choreography, school choreography, college choreography, corporate choreography; fashion shows corporate classes/workshops as well. Danz Katta creates a unique and memorable dance that you can perform for any occasion like birthday, wedding, anniversary or any other social events. We help people from various age groups may that be too old or too young to learn dance to perform in various social events. Age is no bar when it comes to learn dance and we encourage everyone to learn dance.


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If you love to dance but dont know how,please come to us !!

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